Written by Kent Aitchison on February 23, 2023

Top 2 Reasons to Have a Stable Foot During Squatting!

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Having a stable foot during a squat is crucial for performing the exercise safely and effectively. A stable foot ensures that the weight is distributed evenly, reducing the risk of injury and allowing for proper muscle engagement. Come see one of our Kamloops Personal Trainers to work on this important skill!

Here are some key reasons why having a stable foot during a squat is important:

  1. Reduces Risk of Injury: Any instability in your foot placement can increase the risk of injury up the body at the ankle, knee, hip, or low back.
  2. Improves Form: A stable foot helps to maintain proper form during a squat. Your foot should be firmly planted on the ground, with the weight evenly distributed across the ball and heel of your foot. This helps to keep your knees in line with your toes, preventing them from collapsing inward or outward.

Ensure you have a stable foot by creating a tripod foot. Have your weight going evenly through the heel and base behind your big toe and little toe. The arch of your foot should be contracted with the toes loosely on the floor. Proper footwear is also an important factor in helping you create your stable foot. The TCSC Kamloops Personal Training can assess your foot and create a plan for reducing your injury risk.

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