Written by Kent Aitchison on February 4, 2018

Thank You

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Thank you for everyone that came out to the members event on Friday! That was a ton of fun. We really liked seeing everyone being so supportive of each other and having a good time. We want to do events like that more often!

Thank you Lyndsay Bartlett and Imogen Wood for organizing the silent auction for Jessica. There were some awesome items on that table. Lyndsay Bartlett will be contacting you if you haven’t yet picked up/paid for your prize. We have submitted the #TeamJess t-shirt order and as soon as they are delivered to us we will put the word out for pick-up.
Special Help!Thank you Mike Cloet, Zak Cox and Jennifer Evans for “refereeing” the event! The uniforms were a nice touch! Thank you Sean for inputting CrossFit event wisdom into the format! And thank you DJ Aaron Krausert.. If that whole real estate thing you have going doesn’t work out, you know what to do…
Photos!We had photos professionally taken during the event with the intention of sharing them with the members!. Thanks Bianca and Mike for providing your services and your sweet photo booth!

We are excited about the way things are going in the new space. We have a lot of plans in place to ensure a bright future for our members! You may have noticed a decent number of new faces checking us out in recent weeks. Please continue to be friendly and welcoming – it goes a long way!

Have a great week!

Kent & Carlee Aitchison

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