Written by Kent Aitchison on January 31, 2022

TCSC's 4th Birthday!

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HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY (to us!) ... While our affiliate Natural Strength CrossFit has been around since 2008, Kent and Carlee took ownership at the end of January in 2018 and rebranded it to TCSC / The Movement Mechanics. A whirlwind few weeks, January 30th was the first day we were able to run a class in the new location. We are very proud of what we've built - not just the facility, but mostly the awesome multidisciplinary team and enthusiastic membership base! 4 years fly by (especially when half of that time is a pandemic 🤦). Thanks to the hundreds of people that have supported our growth over the years, here's to many more!

At the start of the Pandemic we recorded a podcast recapping how we ended up being gym/clinic owners:

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