Written by Kent Aitchison on May 23, 2024

TCSC SIXTY "Spring Ramp Up" Cycle Part 2 - Starts May 26th

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Part 2 of our “TCSC Spring Ramp Up” starts this week!

  • Part 1: 6 Weeks (Week of Monday April 1st to Week of Monday May 6th)
  • Transition: 2 Weeks (Week of Monday May 13th and Week of Monday May 20th)
  • Part 2: 6 Weeks (Week of Monday May 27th to Week of Monday July 1st)
  • 1 Week Transition (Week of Monday July 8th)

After that Transition Week we’ll do a 6 Week Cycle (“Heatwave Hustle & Classic Prep”) Prepping into the end of the summer and our Tournament Capital Classic!


Strength/Skill Highlights:

  • 1x Week: Clean Drills / Complexes
    • Will include a mix of power and squat clean drills to enhance overall lifting techniques and bolster both strength and skill.
  • 1x Week: Overhead Squatting or Overhead Lunging
    • Will include progressive strength sets to improve stability and stamina in overhead positions.
  • 1x Week: Overhead Pressing
    • Once a week, sessions will focus on building strict overhead pressing, progressively incorporating push presses and jerks to develop power and efficiency in dynamic movements.

General WOD Recurring Highlights

  • Partner WODs:
    • Weekly sessions will feature at least one Partner WOD, in addition to our regular TeamWOD Saturdays. Expect some synchronized movements to add fun and challenge.
  • Benchmarks:
    • While we won't feature as many scheduled benchmarks as we did in Part 1, anticipate a few standout tests. Notably, we will tackle "Nancy" in Week 6 to highlight the improvements in running and overhead capabilities cultivated over the 14-week span of Parts 1 and 2.
  • Running:
    • Continuing from Part 1, running will remain a frequent component of our program, building endurance throughout the summer.
  • Ring Dips
    • Scheduled every other week to develop upper body strength and stability.
  • Balanced Training:
    • An extra emphasis will be placed on incorporating additional horizontal pulling and pushing movements each week. This approach is designed to complement and balance the extensive overhead work in our strength/skill this cycle.


Outside of the listed focuses, each week will intentionally make an effort to check all the boxes for movement patterns and energy systems as usual for our fun and challenging class program!


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