Written by Kent Aitchison on April 15, 2023

TCSC Member Success Story - Ilse Leiker

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Ilse Leiker joined us in the Fall of 2021 and made an immediate impact on our community. She is one of our "older" members, but is at the top of the leaderboard for enthusiasm and energy - hence the nickname "ALL OUT".

Having a lifelong fitness/sports background she was no stranger to gyms, but the new movements and variety of workouts in our classes were just what she needed to go up another level. She has learned how to Olympic Lift, climb a rope and do a handstand, to name a few! A regular 5am-er, she gets tuned up by multiple @themovementmechanics and has done personal training with multiple coaches. She is our biggest fan, and the feeling is mutual! 

Ilse is unofficially the greeter of the gym, expect a hello!! Keep up the great work Ilse (All Out)!


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