Written by Kent Aitchison on April 2, 2024

TCSC Member Success Story - Bryn Bourne

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Meet Bryn, a powerhouse of a woman who seamlessly navigates the intricate details of being a working mom to two energetic boys. Bryn embodies strength, resilience, and boundless love. Amidst her busy schedule of working as a Physical Therapist, she carves out time for herself at the gym. It's not just about physical fitness for Bryn; it's about mental clarity and self-care, essential elements in her motherhood and professional life journey. Through Bryn’s journey, which includes two pregnancies the staff and personal trainers at TCSC have helped her reach goals by being extremely motivating each day she shows up which has allowed her to push herself a little bit more than she would on her own. She effortlessly balances the various facets of her life; Bryn serves as an inspiration to all women striving to prioritize self-care while embracing the beautiful chaos of motherhood and career.

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