Written by Kent Aitchison on October 5, 2023

September 2023 Committed Club

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CONGRATULATIONS to all 126 members that made Committed Club for September!

126 of our members made it to the gym a minimum 15 time during the month of September, which is an all time record!

JustShowUp 👊🏼


• @fuelkamloops: Dave Barclay

• Hoodies : Jennifer Faddegon

• T-shirt or Tank: Mike Wilcox

• T-shirt or Tank: Chase Young

Aaron Bielby
Aaron Krausert
Adrienne Beacom
Alex Parobec
Alexa Cochran
Alicia Haines
Alicia Young
Aliyah Rodominski
Ana Sproule
Angela Ippolito
Anna Bruno
Anthony Renzetti
Ashley Callander
Ashley Toor
Asia Sinnes
Becky Nelson
Ben Creasser
Bette Jo Tunks
Bill Mainland
Brenda Payne
Brigitte Willman
Brooke Bargery
Carlee Aitchison
Carlos Valdivia
Caroline Von Westarp
Cas Browne
Cassandra Bielby
Chase Young
Chelsea Fortin
Christina Lexmond
Christina Wallace
Corey Kuromi
Corina Bremner
Courtney Bird
Courtney Gosse
Dave Barclay
David Parsons
Dawn Gillingham
Elise Teteris
Emily Sproule
Eric Haywood-Farmer
Eric Thibault
Erin Gray
Grace Hiom
Hannah LaRoy
Hannah Sachs
Hayley Dean
Hayley Guizzo
Holly Therrien
Ian Franks
Ilse Leiker
Ireland Pasmen
Jacquie Neil
Jake Young
Jamie Chase
Janet Erwood
Jasmine Bigham
Jayme Cloet
Jeff Berezowski
Jennifer Faddegon
Jennifer Thibault
Jer Williams
Jessi Niver
Jessica Harms
Jody Ireland
Johanna Alvarado
Juannyyy Carcamo
Justin Rouleau
Justine Rogers
Kailey Wheeler
Karli Yarish
Karyn Sutherland
Kate Marshall
Katie Franks
Keegan Kinney
Kent Aitchison
Kevin Kelly
Kiah Marshall
Kim Possible
Kristie McComb
Lauren Fenrich
Lyndsay Bartlett
Madden Benton
Maddy (thunder dragon) Griener
Marissa Wende
Mark Clapton
Mark Paynter
Megan Lieuwen
Melanie Pasmen
Melissa Arkinstall
Mike Esson
Mike Sproule
Mike Wilcox
Nathan Amy
Nick Hamilton
Nicki Kelly
Nicole Fredrickson
Nikki Crawford
Ocean Porterfield
Pam Zanker
Patricia Renaud
Patrick Therrien
Rick Leong
Robbie Clark
Rodrigo Molina
Sabrina Boechler
Sam Beggs
Sara Blagborne
Sarah Krausert
Serena Graf
Shauna Dobson
Shivani Nambiar
Simon Stringer
Steen Bray
Steven Pasmen
Tara Anderson
Tara Cryderman
Tara Sales
Todd Ring
Tom Porterfield
Tralee Mazu
Trevor Rimmer
Trisha Blake
Vipal Vedd
Viva Wolf

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