Written by Kent Aitchison on October 6, 2020

September 2020 Committed Club

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Congratulations to a month of commitment to your fitness! We had 80 people in our committed club in September!

Raffle Winners (online draw was done on Instagram Live!):
Gift Card to 5Bean from BGI Financial: Jen Evans
Bliss Float Centre Free Float: James Na
Fuel Kamloops Prize Pack: Lyndsay Bartlett
Voucher for Unlimited Week of LiteFit from TCSC: Pia Pennekamp 

September 2020 Committed Club
Alicia Haines
Alicia Zeiger
Angela Ippolito
Anna Bruno
Ben Creasser
Benjamin O'Heran
Bill Mainland
Brenda "Bautista" Payne
Caitlyn Marek
Carlee Aitchison
Caroline Kaiser
Cas Browne
Chad Whiteley
Corey Kuromi
Corina Bremner
Courtney Bird
Courtney Davis
Daryl Boutilier
David Ancheta
Eric Thibault
Erica Anastasio
Eunchae Yu
Heather Oig
Ian Franks
Imogen Wood
Ireland Pasmen
Jamari Tate
James Na
Jay Belamide
Jayme Cloet
Jen Evans
Jennifer Cook
Jennifer Thibault
Jeremy Williams
Jessica Harms
Joshua Ruddick
Juan Carcamo
Justine Rogers
Katie Dobrovolny
Katie Franks
Keegan Kinney
Kelly Butler
Kent Aitchison
Kevin Kelly
Kiah Marshall
Kim Carter
Kristie McComb
Laura Nixon
Lauren Fenrich
Lyle Hirowatari
Lyndsay Bartlett
Maddy Henry
Madeleine Ferguson
Melanie Kopytko
Melanie Pasmen
Meredith Franks
Mike Cloet
Murray Crawford
Natalie Ehman
Nick Hamilton
Nikki Crawford
Ocean Porterfield
Pam Zanker
Paul Roberts
Pia Pennekamp
Rio Shatzko
Robbie Clark
Rodrigo Molina
Rodrigo Rios
Rohan Sharma
Ryan Bourdeau
Sarah Krausert
Shauna Dobson
Susan Thompson
Tara Cryderman
Ted Armstrong
Todd Evans
Tom Porterfield
Trevor Rimmer
Tristan Paton

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