Written by Kent Aitchison on December 1, 2022

Personal Training Success Story - Faith Leung

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Faith reached out to us in the Spring of 2022. As a new mother, she wanted to make a change to set an example for her daughter and make sure she had energy to keep up wither her as she grew into a toddler! Faith opted for personal training instead of our group classes as she knows she does much better when she is “babysat” and given 1on1 attention! 😂

Faith has been personal training 5-6x days per week since she started – primarily with Coach Carlee, but she is “shared” by some of our other coaches too! Most of her sessions are filled with laughs and fun – which almost makes us forget about the amazing progress Faith has made since she has started – including her “one” muscle (inside joke 😉). We are very proud of Faith’s consistency, improvements, and the vibe she brings to TCSC every day! Way to go Faith!!

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