Written by Kent Aitchison on April 28, 2024

NOW! Programming Meat Department Cycle Preview - Hammerhead

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We're in the midst of our 7-Week "Hammerhead" Cycle in the Meat Department! Try a FREE 7-DAY Trial of our programs.

Here's what a week looks like:

Mondays: Focus on hamstring development and back squat pause sets, complemented by lower body accessory and Bolster work.
Tuesdays: Chest and shoulders day with incline bench pause sets, upper body accessory/Bolster work, and an optional Steady O2 session.
Wednesdays: Dedicated to "beach muscles" and core strengthening, with an optional Steady O2 session.
Thursdays: Core strengthening and a Steady O2 workout.
Fridays: Pulling focus, incorporating deadlift/RDL pause sets, and lower/pulling accessory work.
Saturdays: Another day for "beach muscles."
Sundays: Rest and recovery

Pause Sets set the tone for this cycle for our compound lifts. Pause sets push you near your limit, followed by a brief pause, and then more reps with the same weight to maximize muscle engagement.

Meat Department is crafted for those with an appetite for the kind of free weight equipment typically found in CrossFit and garage gyms but also love doing bodybuilding-style workouts in addition to "functional" or CrossFit-style training.

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