Written by Kent Aitchison on June 3, 2024

NOW! Programming Meat Department Cycle Preview - "Great White"

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Dive into the "Great White" cycle of our Meat Department program, where traditional muscle-building meets dynamic conditioning to shape you up for beach season. This cycle not only focuses on crafting slabs of muscle but also integrates higher-intensity "metcons" throughout the week for a fun and challenging cardiovascular push.

  • Mondays: Focus on lower body with squatting and lunging exercises followed by intense intervals.
  • Tuesdays: Upper body pushing movements followed by steady-paced AMRAPs.
  • Wednesdays: Dedicated to pulling movements and grunt work for core and back strength.
  • Thursdays: Rest Day.
  • Fridays: Beach season prep combined with low-intensity, long-duration Zone 2 work.
  • Saturdays: A mixed bag of exercises to complement the week and maintain momentum for the week.
  • Sundays: Rest Day

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Meat Department is crafted for those with an appetite for the kind of free weight equipment typically found in CrossFit and garage gyms but also love doing bodybuilding-style workouts in addition to "functional" or CrossFit-style training.

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