Written by Kent Aitchison on November 20, 2022


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NEW CLASSES COMING IN 2023, alongside some other BIG news. Stay tuned! πŸ‘€

These new classes will have a different flavor to our current offerings, but still reflect our core values. Like all our group and individual programs, these classes will led by a goal-orientated coach. We expect to start running these classes sometime early in 2023.

Kamloops Group Fitness Class TCSC ENGINE

TCSC ENGINE will be 45min Classes designed to build your aerobic capacity (engine) by performing longer, less intense, sustainable workouts. These classes will primarily utilize monostructual movements (aka cardio) alongside other basic movements. The complexity of this program will be low, but prepared to break a sweat!

TCSC LIFT + MOVE will be a 1-Hour class that combines strength training and conditioning into one highly effective program. Each day Lift & Move will tackle a strength/accessory component followed by a β€œmetcon” workout. Participants will see a variety of pressing, squatting, pulling, bodyweight and "core" movements in this program.

Higher complexity movements such as Snatches, Overhead Squats, Double Unders, Handstand Push-Ups and Muscle-Ups will not be integrated into this program, providing a lower barrier of entry for members to learn and participate in compared to our SIXTY Classes, OR just a different flavor of workout compared to ones you will see in SIXTY.

While the complexity of this program will be lower than our SIXTY classes, these workouts will still be very challenging, variable and fun!

TCSC RECHARGE is a 1-Hour class. In this 1-Hour Class, there will be stretching, mobilizing, light movement (yes, we will sweat a little bit), and other recovery methods to get you feeling ready to tackle the rest of your day, or rest of your week! The flavor of recovery methods (mobility, yoga etc.) will vary by the day and the coach, but be prepared to feel RECHARGED and great when you are done!

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