Starter Packs

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Group Class Starter Pack

Unlimited Classes, but must have completed 10-12 Express classes before "unlocking" membership to fully unlimited


1-Month Unlimited Classes
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1-on-1 Starter Pack

This membership is structured with 4 Personal Training sessions to start, scheduled by you and your coach. This Starter Pack is designed to introduce you to our methodologies and ensure that you are comfortable when you join your first class. After your 5th personal training session, we will "unlock" your membership and you will have unlimited access to all of our classes and programs.


1-Month Unlimited Classes
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Group Programs

Unlimited Memberships
Limited memberships & punch passes
unlimited memberships
Unlimited Memberships include unlimited access to all of our Coached Classes and Open Gym Time. Our workouts are tracked and our community is connected with a performance tracking app called SugarWOD.

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Unlimited Month to Month
3-Month Single Payment
$205 per month average
6-Month Single Payment
$195 per month average
12-Month Single Payment
($185 per month average)
Student 4-Month Single Payment
($175 per month)
limited memberships and punch passes
We understand that not everyone can commit to an unlimited membership. In such cases, we recommend purchasing a punch pass or paying for a certain number of classes per month.

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1-Day Drop-In
10-Class Punch Pass
20- Class Punch Pass
8 Classes / Month 
(monthly payments)
12 Classes / Month 
(monthly payments)

Youth Programs

youth fitness
Unlimited Month to Month
4 Classes Per Month
youth fitness
Youth Fitness Unlimited
$135 / month
8 Classes per month
$120 / month
4 Classes per month
$95 / month

Individual Programs

clinical services
nutrition coaching
personal training
remote coaching
CLinical Services
Chiropractic Services
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Kinesiology Services
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Registered Massage Therapy
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Physiotherapy Services
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nutrition coaching
Leave it up to a personal coach to evaluate your lifestyle, exercise program, and progress to continually dial in an effective Nutrition Plan to make a healthy change in your life.
3 Month Commitment
$200 / Month
6 Month Commitment
$180 / Month
personal training
Sessions Start at $60 and vary by time, session and coach.
Book a "No Sweat Consultation to discuss goals and choose a coach that works best for you and your schedule.
Kent Aitchison
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Dr. Carlee Aitchison
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Sean White
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Jayme Cloet
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Nikki Crawford
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Mark Clapton
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Ashley Demedeiros
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Kiah Marshall
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Eric Thibault
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Ridrigo Molina
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remote coaching / custom programming
Each Program is personalized and based on their performance within the assessment and analysis. All results and progress can be tracked with TrueCoach and includes detailed video descriptions for all exercises. Unlimited messaging access to your coach is included in our packages.
Up to 3 Workouts / Week
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Up to 4 Workouts / Week
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Up to 5-6 Workouts / Week
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