Written by Kent Aitchison on July 15, 2020

Member and Construction Update

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Thank you to all of the members making are unofficial opening last week awesome. We had a great turnout in all of our classes and they were filled with an exciting vibe! Some news on where we are headed is below.

gym construction

We are continuing to make improvements to the gym to make it as awesome as possible! We have some projects going forward:

  • Expand space on the 2nd floor to include an extra space for working out, a hangout/transition space and an office!
  • Freshen up "eyesores" around the facility
  • Add new equipment!

Please be patient with the noise and mess that is inherent of construction as we invest in and work hard on making TCSC/Natural Strength CrossFit the best it can possibly be.


website construction

The old website domain (www.naturalstrengthfitness.com) will no longer be updated for TCSC/Natural Strength CrossFit. We are working on updating all information on this page (www.tcstrength.com) to be comprehensive and easy to find.

Open Gym/Classes

There has been some discussion about members doing their own programming during class time. Going forward, we are not going to be able to accommodate this in our new space.  The thing that we believe makes CrossFit awesome is the comradery and friendships that are cultivated by a class environment. The  The new space is just not practical for members doing their own thing in the main area while a class is on. Barbell dropping or not, it is distracting for the coaches and the participants of the class - especially in the workout "open-square" space we now have.

BUT, as we build out the top floor (starting this week), we are going to be adding accessory (such as pullup rack, DBs, bands, rings etc + cardio equipment) that will be adjacent to the hang out space!

It will be cool if members do transitional stuff before/during/after classes there, but the main workout area needs to be preserved for an amazing class environment for the 60 minutes the class is on for.

If you have any questions, please email info@tcstrength.com

Thank you!

TCSC Staff

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