Written by Kent Aitchison on June 3, 2024

LIFT + MOVE Cycle: 2024 Beach Season

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Our "LIFT + MOVE 2024 “Beach Season” Cycle is a 12-week cycle that begins on June 3rd and stretches throughout the summer, ending the week of August 19th. This cycle specifically leans towards a bodybuilding style/split in the LIFT component, complemented by a variety of conditioning formats in the MOVE – perfect for the warm months!

The cycle is split into 2 6-Week Phases:

Phase 1 of 2: Foundation and Build (June 3rd to July 14th)

Program Structure: LIFT is divided A-B-C-D lifting days. To keep each week engaging and diverse, the placement of these lifting days ill vary, ensuring a fresh and dynamic workout experience every week!

LIFT Details

  • A - Pressing/Chest Supersets: Pressing and chest/shoulder girdle-focused supersets.
  • B - Hinging/Hamstring Supersets + Upper Body Pulling: Target your posterior chain and back muscles with hinging and pulling supersets.
  • C - Squatting/Glute Supersets: Targeting building lower body volume with robust squatting, lunging and glute exercises. This approach incorporates targeted unilateral work to ensure balanced muscle development and effective gains.
  • D - Core/Accessory Supersets: Chisel your six-pack and boost joint health with our targeted accessory exercises ! Perfect for getting beach-ready while ensuring your joints are supported and strong.
  • Expect to see supersets and tempo training to optimize muscle gain, balance, and endurance in many LIFT sessions.

MOVE Details

  • Two days of 20-30min of 'Zone 2' work: These workouts aim to improve your endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Training in this effort zone helps increase fat oxidation and develop a strong aerobic base, which is essential for recovery and sustained energy levels during more intense workouts.
  • Two days of mixed modality training: These will vary between intervals 'For Time,' partner workouts, and occasional benchmarks to push your fitness boundaries.

"LIFT + MOVE" stands as one of TCSC’s three core class programs, distinctively crafted to differ from our SIXTY class. This cycle, in particular, is ideal not only for class participants but also for individuals in "regular" gyms or home gyms who appreciate a blend of bodybuilding-style lifting and CrossFit-style conditioning—minus the high complexity. This makes it a versatile choice for anyone seeking structured, effective workouts.

In addition to our class programs, we offer six unique "On Your Own" workout tracks designed for flexible, individual training. Dive into any of these specialized programs at your convenience to supplement your fitness journey. Whether you're at the gym or fitting a session into your home routine, NOW Programming provides the guidance you need to stay on track. Sign-Up for a 7-day free trial of NOW Programming today!

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