Written by Kent Aitchison on July 20, 2021

Kamloops Personal Training Success Story - Ocean Porterfield

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After potential new members meet us for a "No Sweat Consult", they usually get started with one of our "Starter Packs". Tom and Ocean (pictured) both did our 1on1 Starter Packs about 2 years ago and they have never looked back! We love having them around - almost every day! Ocean was kind enough to share her story on how she got started:⠀

I started attending TCSC when I was 31 and had zero CrossFit experience. I decided to begin with the 1-on-1 Starter Pack. My coaching sessions were fun and informative but also challenging. I was learning terminology, form, lifts, and complexes but I also still got an awesome workout. Kent is a very technical and knowledgeable coach, he is also super friendly and encouraging. He doesn’t just tell you what to do, he actually explains the biomechanics and reasons behind each correction and adjustment. His ability to explain things in different ways was extremely helpful and really made things click for me, especially when working on my form. ⠀

At the beginning, I couldn’t do a proper pushup to save my life. I thought that pull-ups were only something that athletes could do. I was intimidated by the thought of lifting heavy weights. However, as my private coaching sessions progressed, I started to believe that maybe one day I could actually achieve some of these things! After I completing my one-on-one sessions with Kent and attending some 30 minute EXPRESS classes, I started transitioning into the SIXTY classes. All the coaches were super welcoming and helpful, and I felt like I had a good foundation in place from my work with Kent. I’m usually really nervous when starting new things, but Kent’s encouragement and reassurance helped me go into my first SIXTY class with confidence.⠀

I’ve been attending TCSC for a year and a half, and am doing all the things I thought I’d never be able to do! Pushups, pull-ups, loading up my barbell, you name it. Looking back, I am still so thankful that I started with the private sessions! I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to join TCSC. My initial training with a 1on1 Starter Pack gave me a solid foundation that I still continue to build upon.

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