Written by Kent Aitchison on July 21, 2021

Kamloops Personal Training Success Story - The "Payne Train"

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We love having multi-number families inside of TCSC! This was written by Brenda, "Alpha" of the Payne Train 😉 ... the whole family has become regular Group Class participants, but they have enjoyed doing personal training too - to help some of them get started, and for some special work outside of our regular classes. There were actually too many words for IG, full post on our website in "Updates" section (link in bio).

As new Kamloops residents, we were lured into the TCSC community one by one.  Grace was the first to experience the embrace, warmth and encouragement of a TCSC family welcome and the expert guidance and support of the coaches who not only helped her to meet and then surpass her fitness goals but provided her with a space that felt like home.

Seeing the joy Grace derived from “going to the gym” as well as people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds working together & showing excitement and encouragement for every member whether they were lifting 55# or 255# was intriguing and unlike anything I had ever experienced. With great terror, I tentatively stepped into my first EXPRESS class and was greeted with a shocking degree of kindness, support and direction on how to modify each workout to my abilities and limitations. The sense of community and acceptance I felt in TCSC hooked me immediately and as I began to see small improvements, I was lured into trying a SIXTY Class. Unlike Grace, however, I was not a quick learner. Not only had I had never held a barbell before, I had a lifetime of lifting heavy things in ways that had to be unlearned. The coaches were infinitely patient but I felt frustrated with my lack of confidence in knowing how to approach each lift. When Walt expressed interest in taking private lessons, Grace and I jumped in and I knew after the first session that it was exactly what I needed. When Colby joined in, it became a joyful and rewarding family experience. Kent’s patient and expert guidance and his ability to meet and challenge each of us at our own level and abilities enabled us to achieve a level of fitness beyond anything we imagined. Our privates with Kent quickly became a highlight of our week and gave us a common interest that supported our individual and collective health and well-being. 

And the very best part of the whole TCSC experience: it is so much fun! Being part of a community whose members are as committed to each other’s well-being and growth and goals as  they are to their own is a powerful motivator; it fosters a sense of belonging and security that enables each of us to face the demands and challenges of our day with a sense of strength and confidence. I had no idea that I could be one of those people or that we could be one of those families – the ones who love and look forward to going to the gym, who set and achieve fitness goals and who are willing and able push themselves to their limits. 


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