Written by Kent Aitchison on January 23, 2023

How to "Brace" For Heavy Lifts

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The untrained eye may view a Deadbug as “just” a core exercise done on the ground, but the skill transfer to lifting is very relevant. Our Kamloops Personal Trainer Dr. Carlee Aitchison takes us through a “Deadbug” or “Brace” and how that action can help support a lifting movement – for both safety and performance.

The Deadbug is one of the most deceiving core exercises that many athletes haven’t performed, and many who have performed them likely haven’t done so correctly to generate maximal tension as the limbs extend, forcing the core to stabilize.

Active Rehabilitation appointments are geared towards rehabilitation (or PRE-habilitation) and specific training geared towards individual needs. Our Kamloops Chiropractor Dr. Carlee AitchisonKamloops Physiotherapist Mitchell BourneKamloops Physiotherapist Domenic Mercuri and Kamloops Kinesiologist Alex Cochran all offer this appointment - and we can also apply our knowledge in a traditional Personal Training setting too!

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