First Timers

we know you might feel nervous...

We all have to start somewhere

We understand finding a good gym and fitness program can be a difficult or intimidating process. Our coaches are friendly, knowledgeable and accomplished leaders. And our members are just like you.
Step 1
You have taken it. You are looking for a coach and a group to work out with.
Step 2
Get comfortable with the gym and the people before the first workout. You do not have to work out the first time you come to TCSC. At a "No Sweat" Intro, you can look around our gym, chat with one of our coaches about your goals, and we will outline the correct steps to get you there. If you prefer to do your consultation over the phone or by a video call, please email us.
Step 3
Come to your first class. Are you excited? We are excited for you to join our group!

How to prepare for your first class.

1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day (you should be doing this anyway).
2. Bring indoor sports shoes (anything with clean soles will do).
3. Dress in comfortable workout clothes (baggy, stretchy we wear it all).
4. Bring a bottle of water, you might want to drink during the workout.
5. Arrive 10 minutes prior to class time. Don’t panic if others say hi to you, we are a friendly group.
6. A towel if you are wanting to shower afterwards.

What to expect in your first class

1. The coach will introduce him/herself, show you the equipment to be used, where to stand, how to do each exercise and to make you feel like you fit in with the group.
2. 30 minutes of a variety of activities, from stretching to cardio, to weights, each designed to help you attain your goals.
3. Expect group members to congratulate/fist bump each other and you at the end of the workout.

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