Fall Into Fitness

Welcome to our 40-Day Lifestyle and Workout Challenge. 

This community will put YOU in a fun and supportive virtual environment where you will challenge yourself with daily workouts, and learn about nutrition and other healthy lifestyle habits.

Open to Anyone, our goal is to help you achieve those health and fitness goals you've always dreamed of.

For the price of a cup of coffee per day, you can transform your health and wellness and take it to another level. See below for some of the transformations previous participants have experienced.

What it Includes

Daily Workout Options

At Home or At a Gym – 100% of this challenge can be done virtually

Daily/Weekly Nutrition Challenges

Learn how to make good choices to fuel your workouts and elevate your energy outside of the gym!


Supportive Coaches within our performance-tracking app and a Private Facebook Group are here to educate, support and motivate throughout the 40-Days!

Points-Based System

all your workouts, challenges and habits will be recorded in our app. A points-based system will keep you motivated and compete with Kamloopsians in the Challenge!


Prizes will be presented throughout the challenge and will culminate in GRAND Prizes for our Top 5 Finishers in each category.

Grand Prize Winners

Prizes will be presented throughout the challenge and will culminate in GRAND Prizes for our Top 5 Finishers in each category. Grand Prize details below...

Prepare to be TRANSFORMED!

"Never Counted Calories"

Making changes isn’t easy – we are very proud of Lauren for her progress, commitment, and trust! Lauren has been crushing workouts at TCSC for awhile now. 

Given her dedication to working out, she figured it was time to get her nutrition on track. Prior to working with Carlee, Lauren was eating well under 2000 calories per day and too little protein. She now consumes anywhere between 2300-3000cal per day, but she does not focus on hitting exact numbers. 

Lauren has never counted “macros” or calories, but instead focused on learning to consume adequate protein for her body, to structure complete meals made up of whole/minimally processed foods, and proper meal timing around her workouts.

"Consistency Pays Off"

Our primary mantra at TCSC is "Just Show Up". We are so glad Juan has been showing up here for the last two years! These pictures are about 2 years apart. Juan joined us during his first year at TRU and has been doing our classes 5x per week pretty much every single week that's he's been in Kamloops. 

The eye candy 👀 is a nice bonus to the healthy lifestyle Juan has adapted - in addition to the nonstop highlight reel of fitness personal records!

"Improve Your Mental Health"

What a crazy two years it has been! It sounds cliche when I say that “TCSC changed my life” but boy, has it ever! Since joining TCSC my life has improved in every way imaginable. 

I have grown so much, physically, mentally and personally. I am so much stronger than I ever thought I could be. 

The support that I have received over the years has led me to love myself the way I am today. I have so much respect for every single member that shows up and works hard each and every day

"Not a temporary diet or quick fix"

Tara had noticed steady progress in her performance and physique after a few very consistent years of training with us at TCSC. 

Tara made a HUGE leap doing our online fitness challenge in 2021. Learning about a few nutritional habits and implementing them made a noticeable change to her appearance and she came out stronger and fitter on the other end! 

The best part about this kind of transformation was because it is not a “temporary diet” or “quick fix”, Tara has been able to maintain everything she gained from our online challenge ever since! Way to go Tara!

"You're never too old to give it a try"

I’ve been involved in athletics my entire life. As a young girl I played soccer, tennis, volleyball and rowed during my university years. I went on to lift weights as an older adult. 

My daughter had tried to get me to try CrossFit for several years, knowing I would love it. She was right. I joined TCSC about a year ago and it was the best thing I  ever did! The TCSC community was so welcoming, friendly and just plain all out awesome. 

At my age, I thought I was finished learning new things. Boy, was I wrong. The TCSC coaches are so encouraging and have taught me to climb a rope (I have a fear of heights) and kick up into a handstand (I’ve never even done a cartwheel as a kid!) Now I’m working on handstand push-ups.  

Just goes to show you that you’re never too old to learn new tricks. Give TCSC a try!  You’ll get a great workout with some really fun people!

"I've been seeing massive improvements in my fitness"

Shout out to my long time friend and my Coach for the past year and a bit. Hardest working couple (both in and out of the gym). 

I’ve seen massive improvements in my fitness since I got Kent to train me remotely. If anyone is looking to put their old gym membership fees to good use, Kent offers a remote coaching option. 

I have yet to do the same workout twice it’s not a cookie cutter workout program he sends out. Totally customized to fit your needs and adapts when my geriatric body deteriorates from random injuries.

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