Written by Kent Aitchison on October 22, 2022

Fall Into Fitness GRAND PRIZE Winner!

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Dion Silversides !!


Katie Browne, Elise Teteris, Keegan Kinney, Cas Browne, Zak Cox

Over the course of the 40-Days we had daily workouts (various options provided), cardio/bodyweight points, point incentive for alcohol and sugar reduction, point incentive for protein and vegetable increases, and point incentive for contributing positivity to our community. Dion was also one of our 7 people that had PERFECT points throughout the challenge!

Here is what Dion had to say:
Last year I did the challenge with Caleigh Silversides and had a blast, this year was a solo effort, with a different goal. I needed a kick in the ass to get off that ass and TCSC Kamloops provided that. Sure I had hockey a couple days a week, but really was missing that accountability for other healthy habits. The first couple weeks was a bit of a wake up call. I’m not 20 anymore (yup its true) so it took some time to get the body conditioned into regular exercise and healthy choices. Today was the last day of the 40 day challenge, but it set me up to close out the year consistent. I turn the big 50 on Jan 2nd and Marcia and I are taking a trip to Maui for some RnR. The goal is to get back to my ideal fit weight, take the pressure off my joints so the next 50 years are as active as the first 50. (Oh and look good on the beach).
I enjoy the crew at TCSC, the energy Kent Aitchison brings to his business and community. I really enjoyed the posts and comments on the boards and be involved. It was nice to see a few OG in the challenge, Jayme and Zak Cox, plus the new names, all with positive energy and goals.

Congrats to all of the participants, no matter your goal, we are all better for the effort. Even though we are are competing against ourselves to meet our own goals, we all seem to enjoy a bit of competition, test our mettle. Keep up the work, set new goals, learn from failure, celebrate the wins and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

3 Personal Training Sessions w/ TCSC Owner Kent Aitchison
3-Month Unlimited TCSC Membership
1 Pair of NoBull Trainers
1 TCSC Sweater or Hoodie
$100 Gift Card to FUEL Kamloops
1 Protein Tub from Fuel Kamloops

1-Month Unlimited OR 10-Punch Pass
1 Small Protein Tub from Fuel Kamloops

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