Written by Kent Aitchison on April 19, 2022

Eric Thibault

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As a passionate coach and a hard-working CrossFit athlete, Eric’s role at TCSC mirrors his haircut - business in the front and party in the back! Eric was born in Prince George and moved to Kamloops in 2011. Long-time TCSC member Jennifer Thibault (Eric’s mom) first introduced Eric to CrossFit in 2015, but he really fell in love with it in 2018. By the summer of 2020 he knew he wanted to be more involved and got his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate.

Eric’s favorite movements are squat snatches, toes to bar and anything that requires being upside down. The atmosphere that the community brings to the gym encourages him to show up every day. As a coach he enjoys participating in the classes to get a taste of the other coaching styles.

Outside of the gym he involved in hockey, volleyball, and frisbee but most importantly trying to make my slow truck seem fast.

Being a part of TCSC is a huge part of his life and he doesn’t know where he’d be without it.

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