Written by Kent Aitchison on July 15, 2020

Coach Mark Clapton

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Mark started working out as a teenager – mostly to keep in shape for all the sports he was playing in at the time (football, soccer, volleyball, basketball and swimming to name a few!). Mark has a desire to improve himself mentally and physical each day – but prior to discovering CrossFit he was found that the “regular” gym grind was starting to lose its appeal. Mark started CrossFit in 2012 and quickly discovered a passion for the new exercise program in his life. CrossFit compliments Mark’s athletic background, competitive nature and desire to improve.

Mark has been a long-time member of Natural Strength CrossFit. He has recently joined on as one of our amazing coaches. He has an extensive knowledge about the sport side of CrossFit and always has great advice on how to "Game" a workout. His passion and experience are shown in his coaching style. As a coach, he strives to empower other members with confidence in their abilities. ​

Mark is a big fan of the outdoors. He loves to explore and enjoy the beauty that Kamloops the rest of BC has to offer. Mark is Red Seal Journeyman Machinist and hopes to complete his CrossFit Level 2 course in the near future!

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