Written by Kent Aitchison on July 15, 2020

Coach Jayme Cloet

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Jayme has always loved sports. She has been a serious competitor in many different sports for her entire life, but she was starting to get bored with her regular fitness routine. CrossFit could not have come at a better time in her life. Jayme found CrossFit in 2013 and she has never looked back. She loves the variety, the skills, and most of all, the community. Jayme says she has met the most amazing people through CrossFit, whom she considers family. As a high school and elementary school teacher, she has had the opportunity to coach her two other favorite sports: basketball and soccer.

‚ÄčNaturally, as her confidence grew with CrossFit, Jayme wanted to take the leap into coaching. Though she considers coaching adults very fun, her passion is with the younger members of our gym. Jayme has always wanted to coach the little people in her life and teach them all about what their bodies can do while living a healthy lifestyle!

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