Written by Kent Aitchison on July 4, 2022

Coach Aitchison - CrossFit Level 3 (CCFT)

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Our Owner/Coach Kent Aitchison took and passed the CrossFit Certified Trainer (aka Level-3) examination last week. Less than 1% of all CrossFit trainers hold the CCFT/L3 credential, and according to the CrossFit Trainer Directory, only 11 coaches in BC have this designation. Those who do hold it have demonstrated advanced coaching knowledge and committed to a long-term standard of continued professional development and accountability.

"Like a business, it is important to have an appetite to constantly grow. This exam took a few months to prepare for – years of experience paid off too. I have had the prefix “Coach” attached to my name for a long time – either on a pool deck or in a fitness facility. Being a coach is a part of my identity. Even though the job is fun, I take the role seriously. To me, being “just” a coach isn’t a hobby, but it is a legitimate, stable and important career. I am thankful for my past experiences, and I am very proud of my current role as a coach/entrepreneur. Onward and upward!"

Coach Kent

Kamloops Personal Trainer Kent Aitchison - Top 1% of CrossFit Coaches

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