Written by Kent Aitchison on May 11, 2021

April 2021 Committed Club

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Congratulations to our April Committed Club Members! We had NINETY people make the Committed Club - that is outstanding!! That's our 2nd biggest number of all time! When these restrictions are over we want to see 100+ !!

Raffle Prize Winners
Fuel Kamloops Prize Pack: Dave Barclay
Worry Knot Art Gift Card: Jillian McKinnon
Never Knouff Candles GIft Card: Anna Bruno
Free TCSC Shirt or Tank: Pam Zanker

April 2021 Committed Club
Acacia Bates
Alicia Haines
Alicia Zeiger
Aliyah Rodominski
Angela Ippolito
Anna Bruno
Ben Creasser
Benjamin O'Heran
Bill Mainland
Bob Cooper
Brenda Payne
Brooke Bargery
Brooke Buchanan
Carlee Aitchison
Cas Browne
Corey Kuromi
Corina Bremner
Courtney Bird
Courtney Davis
Dave Barclay
David Parsons
Eden Saari
Elise Teteris
Emily Dagasso
Eric Thibault
Gabrielle Dagasso
Heather Oig
Ian Franks
Ireland Pasmen
Jamie Chase
Jane Dagasso
Janet Erwood
Jay Belamide
Jayme Cloet
Jeff Berezowski
Jennifer Cook
Jennifer Thibault
Jeremy Williams
Jesse Baginski
Jessica Harms
Jillian McKinnon
Jim Stemler
Justine Rogers
Kate Harris
Katie Franks
Kelly Butler
Kent Aitchison
Kevin Kelly
Kiah Marshall
Kim Carter
Kirsten Henderson
Kristina Lewis
Laura Nixon
Lauren Fenrich
Lesley Ring
Lyle Hirowatari
Maddy Ferguson
Maddy Henry
Mark Clapton
Mark Paynter
Melanie Pasmen
Melinda Crooks
Melissa Keresztesi
Mike Esson
Morgan Kolasa
Nicolle Keel
Nikki Crawford
Ocean Porterfield
Pam Zanker
Pia Pennekamp
Rhonda Eden
Rio Shatzko
Robbie Clark
Rod Buchanan
Rodrigo Molina
Rodrigo Rios
Sabrina Boechler
Sara Blagborne
Stefani Klaric
Stephanie Solomon-Ani
Susan Thompson
Tara Cryderman
Todd Evans
Todd Ring
Tom Porterfield
Toni Slywka
Trevor Rimmer
Trisha Blake
Tristan Paton
Vipal Vedd

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