Written by Kent Aitchison on May 5, 2019

April 2019 Committed Club

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Congratulations to a month of commitment to your fitness! We had 44 people in our committed club this month.

Raffle Winners (online draw was done on Instagram Live!):
Bliss Float Centre Free Float: Kelly Butler
Fuel Kamloops Prize Pack: Jennifer Thibault
Pure Revive Spa Gift Card: Robbie Clark

Committed Club April 2019

 Aaron Krausert
 Alicia Haines
 Aline Mayerhoffer
 Ben Creasser
 Bill Mainland
 Brad Hanson
 Caleigh Silversides
 Chase Young
 Chris Mortimer
 Cody Courteen-nurse
 Colleen Topolovec
 David Parsons
 Dion Silversides
 Ian Franks
 Imogen Wood
 Jayme Cloet
 Jeff Bartlett
 Jeff Berezowski
 Jen Evans
 Jennifer Thibault
 Jessica Harms
 Justin Rouleau
 Justine Rogers
 Kailey Konotopski
 Katie Dobrovolny
 Katie Franks
 Kelly Butler
 Kristie McComb
 Laura Nixon
 Lyle Hirowatari
 Lyndsay Bartlett
 Marianne Lemay
Marissa Wende
 Mark Clapton
 Michael Kohler
 Mitchell Bourne
 Nikki Crawford
 Olivia Rasmussen
 Pia Pennekamp
 Robbie Clark
 Sarah Krausert
 Thomas Labrecque
 Tianna Dupuis
 Todd Evans

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