Written by Kent Aitchison on March 15, 2023

3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Hitting Your Optimal Squat Depth

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Getting your depth in your squat is something that most people struggle with. There are multiple different reasons that could be stopping you from getting as low as you hope. Come see one of our TCSC Kamloops Personal Trainers to improve your squat!

3 reasons that could be stopping you from your optimal depth are stance, mobility and stability: 

-Stance: Everyone has the best squat stance for their body to allow them to get all the way down. Depending on your anatomy you could be squatting with a joint position that stops you early in your depth or creates compensation to get your down low, increasing your chance of injury.

-Mobility: A squat takes multiple joints to work together, there could be a joint along the way that is missing the active range of motion to allow the depth you are wanting.

-Stability: There could also be a joint along the way that can get you into the range of motion for your squat depth but it is not strong enough to hold you there and get you back up.

To find the problem stopping you from achieving your optimal squat depth, book an appointment with TCSC Kamloops Personal Trainers.

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