Written by Kent Aitchison on April 15, 2024

24 TCSC Athletes Qualify to Quarterfinals

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A HUGE congratulations to the 24 TCSC athletes who have advanced to the quarterfinals, the next stage of the CrossFit Open! 🔥

  • Asia Sinnes
  • Ben Creasser
  • Asia Sinnes
  • Ben Creasser
  • Carlee Aitchison
  • Corina Bremner
  • Courtney Bird
  • Erik Dube
  • Erin Bruzzese
  • Gracy Payne
  • Hannah Sachs
  • Hayley Howes
  • Ireland Pasmen
  • Jayme Cloet
  • Jer Williams
  • Justin Rouleau
  • Justine Rogers
  • Karli Yarish
  • Kevin Kelly
  • Miyoko Mckeowen
  • Nicole Degoeij
  • Pam Zanker
  • Sarah Krausert
  • Sarah Robb
  • Tara Cryderman
  • Taylor Marshall

This is a significant achievement as the quarterfinals represent the top 25% of athletes in each division, providing these competitors with an opportunity to showcase their abilities at a higher level. It’s a chance for them to push their limits, test their training, and compete against some of the best in the sport. We’re proud of our athletes’ incredible performance!

While many of these athletes have opted for an in-person competition, you can still tag along while they compete at OVT in Penticton this weekend!

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