Written by Kent Aitchison on June 3, 2024

2024 Summer Dry Tri

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Congratulations to everyone who successfully completed TCSC's 2024 Summer Dry Tri event. Though this is the third Dry Tri event we have held, each event has been slightly different. The 2024 Summer event started with a run which was organized by Dirty Feet Train Series, followed by BikeErg and Row.

Check out the full the links for full details of the event results

Running Results

Overall results

Solo Sprint – Women’s

  1. Janet Erwood
  2. Sabrina Boechler
  3. Sadie Hunter

Solo Full – Womens

  1. Megan Lieuwen
  2. Faryn Brown
  3. Laura Becotte
  4. Megan Banman
  5. Jennifer Cook

Solo Full – Men

  1. Bobby Love
  2. Mitchell Bourne
  3. Jeff Bartlett
  4. Aidan Murray
  5. Aaron Krausert
  6. Fraser Barke
  7. Konstantin Simaev

Mixed Team

  1. Rusty Bar-Balls – Jeremy Williams, Jared Bremner, Justin Rouleau
  2. Dirty Feet – Phil Hoim, Grace Hoim, Emma Bramley
  3. Legs Miserable – Kaity Baskerville, Hazel Wong, Erin Gray
  4. MS Can Eat A Bag Of Richards – Jennifer Edgecombe, Zac Edgecombe, Kelly MacDonald
  5. Strong Schlongs – Ilse Leiker, Trisha Blake, Madeleine Griener

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