Written by Kent Aitchison on January 29, 2024

2023 TCSC Awards

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✨ T H A N K Y O U ! ✨

From the bottom of our hearts, we extend our sincerest thanks to each and every one of the members of TCSC Kamloops for being the heart and soul of our gym. Together, we've created something truly remarkable— TCSC Kamloops is a place where friendships flourish, dreams are realized, and aspirations soar to new heights. Thank you for making this journey possible, and for being the beating heart of our extraordinary community. 

This weekend we got together to celebrate our community and their accomplishments with a fun evening of trivia with @tremendoustrivia. We had the honor of recognizing the remarkable dedication and unwavering commitment of our top 20 members with the highest-class attendance for 2023. Along with our top 3 staff members, the first bumper of the year and the chatter box of the year!

🏆Top 3 Coaches 🏆

Coach Nikki Crawford
Coach Brenda Payne
Coach Jayme Cloet

🏆 Fist Bumper of 2023 🏆

Ilse Leiker

🏆 Chatterbox of the Year 2023 🏆

Lyle Hirowatari

🏆 Top 20 Members 🏆

1st Hayley Dean
2nd Ilse Leiker
3rd Walt Payne
4th Tara Cryderman
5th Dave Barclay

6th Trisha Blake
7th Robbie Clark
8th Karli Yarish
9th Anna Bruno
10th Ana Sproule

11th Elise Teteris

12th Erin Gray
13th Ocean Porterfield
14th Trevor Rimmer
15th Justine Rogers

16th Brooke Bargery
17th Tara Sales
18th Jamie Chase
19th Steen Bray
20th Pam Zanker

A few high lights of TCSC Kamloops in 2023 include:

    • Shattered our all-time attendance record with an astounding 42,483 total workouts/check-ins

    • Realized our dream by expanding our facility to include a "2-Room" Workout Model, enhanced reception, and clinic spaces.

    • Kicked off the year with a joyous celebration of our 5th Year Anniversary in February

    • Proudly hosted one of Western Canada's largest CrossFit events, the Tournament Capital Classic in August

    • TCSC was open for 364 days - only closing our doors fully on Christmas Day

    • Our TCSC family grew even stronger, now with a total of 23 dedicated coaches, practitioners, and customer service champs on our team!

    • Enriched our fitness options by expanding our class schedule to offer a whopping 83 classes per week, along with dozens of hours of Open Gym time for you to thrive! Our class schedule is unparalleled in the Interior.

    • Introduced two exhilarating new class programs, "LIFT + MOVE" and "ENGINE," to take your fitness experience to new heights! Currently 83 Classes per week! Plus, dozens of hours of open gym!

    • Achieved a record-breaking "Annual Committed Club" member count, with a phenomenal 79 members in 2023!

As well a HUGE thank you to TCSC Kamloops Diamond Sponsors

Tara Sales Mortgages

Aaron Krausert - Your Kamloops Real Estate Group

WINMAR Kamloops

End of the Roll Kamloops


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