Written by Kent Aitchison on February 11, 2023

2023 Annual Committed Club

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The ANNUAL Committed Club. We started the Committed Club in 2019 as an incentive for consistency for our members.

To us, this is the "Gold Standard" of our membership and it's why we have these banners hung up on our wall like championship banners you'd see in a sports team facility! This Gold Standard is an inclusive one, as it does not require elite fitness to attain, but just a dedicated routine to our facility and your own well-being!

You'll notice how the font has shrunk between 2022 and 2023. It has been pretty cool to watch both our membership and our Committed Club grow so much!

Fun fact: You will notice that 2021 and 2022 have 12 Stars (one for each month of the year), while 2020 has 8, and 2019 has 9. In 2019 we started the program in April. In 2020 we ignored March-June of that year because of the government restrictions.


Congratulations to all of our 2022 Annual Committed Club!

Alexa Cochran
Aliyah Rodominski
Anna Bruno
Bill Mainland
Brenda Payne
Brooke Bargery
Bryn Bourne
Carlee Aitchison
Corina Bremner
Courtney Bird
Dave Barclay
Dawn Gillingham
Devin Gaipo
Elise Teteris
Eric Thibault
Hannah Sachs
Ian Franks
Ireland Pasmen
Janet Erwood
Jasmine Bigham
Jayme Cloet
Jeff Berezowski
Jennifer Thibault
Jeremy Williams
Jessica Harms
Juan Carcamo
Justine Rogers
Kelly Butler
Kent Aitchison
Kevin Kelly
Kiah Marshall
Kim Carter
Lauren Fenrich
Lyle Hirowatari
Maddy Griener
Megan Lieuwen
Melanie Pasmen
Mike Cloet
Mitchell Bourne
Nathan Amy
Nikki Crawford
Robbie Clark
Rodrigo Molina
Sara Blagborne
Sarah Robb
Tara Cryderman
Tara Sales
Tom Porterfield
Trevor Rimmer
Trisha Blake
Vipal Vedd

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